Chicago Architectural Cruises

If you enjoy going on boat rides and seeing stunning architectural beauties, you may want to consider booking one of the wonderful Chicago architectural cruises. Chicago is one of the few metropolitan areas that have the advantage of being so close to the water, with Lake Michigan and the Chicago River on its side. These bodies of water have given path for many cruise lines to offer interesting Chicago architectural cruises, where they will take you down the Chicago River and the massive Lake Michigan. Moreover, there are many things to do while you’re visiting Chicago, like watching a musical at the Chicago Theater or shopping on the Magnificent Mile.

Learning About Chicago’s History

One of the wonderful things about going on one of the exciting Chicago architectural cruises is the fact that you learn about Chicago’s history. There are numerous interesting facts about the city, such as the Great Chicago Fire that destroyed every single building in Chicago in 1871 except for the Water Tower. Nevertheless, you will learn that the fire had a positive impact – despite the deaths suffered – because the rebuilding process started immediately. Due to the rebuilding, Chicago grew a lot faster than before, with newer and stronger buildings that were built close to Lake Michigan. In addition, you can speak with very knowledgeable tour guides on any of the Chicago architectural cruises, who will explain to you the meaning of the name Chicago (meaning ‘wild onion’ in the Miami-Illinois language pronounced shikaakwa).

From Navy Pier to Chicago River

The majority of the visitors that stop by Chicago make sure that they take a look at the beautiful Navy Pier. Conveniently located on the shoreline of the lake, Navy Pier offers many attractions, such as numerous shops and restaurants, as well as Chicago architectural cruises. The fact that everything is close makes it a lot easier for you to walk through downtown before you head to Navy Pier. Once there, you will be able to get on the Chicago architectural cruise of your choice, which will allow you to see the different types of architectural styles. In addition, you might be interested to learn that Navy Pier was built in 1916 and the total cost of the project was $4.5 million. During WWII, Navy Pier was used for marine purposes, but after it was over, it was used as a university campus for two years.

Booking the Best Chicago Architectural Cruises

When visiting Chicago, you want to be able to enjoy the best experience possible. In order to achieve this, it’s important that you book the best Chicago architectural cruise possible, which means that it should meet your needs.When booking the best Chicago architectural cruise, keep in mind that some are more suitable for adults, while others seek to entertain children. In addition, there are different prices because some of them serve dinner or lunch, and otherscover a longer route. Some of the most popular Chicago architectural cruises are the following:

  • Shoreline Sightseeing Architectural River Cruise
  • Chicago Line Cruises Architectural Cruise
  • Chicago Tours Architectural Cruise
  • First Lady Architectural Cruise

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Chicago Architectural Cruises