Chicago Lunch Cruises

One of the many things that you can do when visiting the Windy City is going on one of the wonderful Chicago lunch cruises. Lake Michigan is the massive lake that borders with the city, and people usually flock the shores during the hot summers. Moreover, the people that can afford to purchase their own boat usually leave it in the marinas, but the truth is that not everybody can shell out thousands of dollars for a boat. Consequently, Chicago lunch cruises are a great alternative for those who enjoy being on the water but can’t (or don’t) want to pay for an entire boat.

Having Lunch With Style

Chicago lunch cruisesoffer a wide variety of dishes, where some might specialize in serving Asian food, while others are All-American. If you want to be able to have lunch with style, and you want to be able to gaze at the beautiful Chicago concrete jungle, then you should look into booking your Chicago lunch cruise soon. Certainly, there are numerous cruise lines that offer different tours and some of them might cost more money than others. If you’re the type of person who is looking to eat very expensive food, you might be able to book your reservation with some of the most luxurious Chicago lunch cruises. Whichever you choose, you will definitely be blown away by the first-class service that all Chicago lunch cruises offer.

Getting Married on a Chicago Lunch Cruise

Imagine being able to plan your wedding in the middle of a majestic body of water, such as Lake Michigan. Chicago lunch cruises can give you a wonderful wedding if you plan things with plenty of time, and if you book your reservation ahead. Even though there are a few luxurious cruises that offer wedding services, you can also take full advantage of the Chicago lunch cruises for you own marriage celebration. These are perfect if you’re the type of person who enjoys petite yet unforgettable celebrations, rather than grand and expensive ones. Certainly, the arrangements for a wedding must be done directly with the representative that works for the Chicago lunch cruise of your choice; he or she will give you further instruction in regards to down payments and menu selection.

Lunch Cruise Packages

Given the fact that there are several different Chicago lunch cruises, the price for each package also varies. The price is mostly based on the type of food that will be served and the length of the tour, since some may last up to four hours and they happen to be more expensive. If you’re looking to have lunch and dinner on the cruise, you may be able to purchase two different packages that offer the two meals. Make sure to choose a Chicago lunch cruise package that best meets your needs, especially if you’re allergic to any type of food. Some of the largest Chicago lunch cruises are:

  • Odyssey Cruises
  • Shoreline Sightseeing
  • Wendella Sightseeing
  • Mystic Blue Lunch Cruises
  • Spirit of Chicago Lunch Cruises

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Chicago Lunch Cruises