Chicago Party Cruises

One of the best ways to enjoy your visit to the Windy City is by going on a fun Chicago party cruise. Perhaps you haven’t even considered booking a tour on a Chicago party cruise, but if you want to be able to throw the party of the year, you should look into booking your reservation soon. Chicago party cruises are very common during the summer because people like to jump in the water for a swim, and then get back on the yacht for music and drinks. One of the things that make Chicago party cruises a perfect option for you is the view of the spectacular Chicago skyline.

Getting Ready for Prom

In general, high school students usually celebrate their graduation at a banquet hall or at their houses. Nevertheless, if you want to throw a grand celebration for your achievement, you should consider booking a Chicago party cruise, which will give you music and food while you party on Lake Michigan. It happens to be no secret that when it comes to celebrating prom, kids and their parents enjoy doing everything they can in making it an unforgettable experience, mostly because they are tremendously proud of their achievements. If you’re a parent, you’d be happy to know that no alcohol will be served at any of the Chicago party cruises if all the attending guests are under 21 years old.

Choosing a Chicago Party Cruise

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions will be choosing one cruise among the different Chicago party cruises that are available. They are all similar in the sense that they offer the same basic amenities, but some are bigger and have more passenger capacity. Moreover, if you’re looking for luxurious Chicago party cruises that are made with hardwood floors and expensivematerials, then you ought to get ready to pay a higher price. When it comes time for you to choose your preferred Chicago party cruise, you should consider your budget and the number of guests that you will have at your party. Review the following prices to give you an idea of the services and their prices for this year (per person):

  • Bar with only soda, beer and wine – between $12 and $15
  • Standard open bar – between $16 and $20
  • Premium Bar –between $21 and $23
  • Attendant –between $70 and $80
  • Bar tender –between $70 and $80
  • Catering (outside) – between $150 and $300

How to Dress for a Party Cruise

Once you have your Chicago party cruise booked, you’re probably wondering what clothes to wear to your grand celebration. The truth is that going on a Chicago party cruise is pretty similar to attending a party at a night club, except for the fact that you will be dancing while you sail the waters of Lake Michigan. However, if you’re planning to celebrate your prom on one of the wonderful Chicago party cruises, then you should dress the same way as if you were attending prom at your local banquet hall.

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Chicago Party Cruises