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When you’re in love, you want every romantic moment to be perfect because you don’t want the magic to disappear. Perhaps you’re ready to finally pop the question and ask your girlfriend to marry you, but you want to make sure that the moment is the correct one. Certainly, planning a wonderful romantic cruise Chicago can give you the right time and place for her to say yes. Moreover, even if you’re already married, you can take advantage of the wonderful romantic cruises Chicago that offer affordable packages, which will take you cruising on the lake while you watch the sunset.

Finally Proposing to Her

You’ve been with your significant other for a long time now, and you know that you’re ready to ask her to be your wife. However, the nerves have always made it difficult for you and you don’t know where to bring her to ask her the question. Perhaps you should consider booking one of the most wonderfulromantic cruises Chicago, where you can enjoy a gourmet dinner under the stars, as you gaze towards the bright and majestic skyline of the city.Make sure that you book the tour online, this way she doesn’t have to find out about your special arrangements. Feel free to contact at least a handful of cruise lines that offer romantic cruises Chicago, this way they may be able to make special arrangements such as placing her favorite flowers as decoration. Without a doubt, your girlfriend will be brought to tears and she will say yes!

Planning Your Honeymoon

In case that you’re already engaged and you have a date for you wedding, you may want to consider going on one of the popular romantic cruises Chicago for your honeymoon. Since the majority of the romantic cruises only last for a few hours, you don’t have to stay on the lake the entire day, but you can take advantage of the countless attractions in the city. Most of the cruises sail off from NavyPier, which is perhaps the most popular tourist attraction of Chicago, where you can ride the Ferris wheel and shop at the multiple gift shops. In addition, you can make reservations at fine restaurants such as Carmine’s and Gibson’s.

The Weekend Getaway

If you’re simply looking to plan a romantic getaway for the weekend, you can take a quick look at the various romantic cruises Chicago. Many of them offer the option to serve dinner during the cruise, making the entire trip between three to four hours long. Furthermore, when you get in touch with the cruise line that offers the different romantic cruises Chicago packages, make sure you inquire about the prices and if you’re able to reserve them ahead of time. Keep in mind, however, that weather conditions can affect the schedules of the cruises. If you really want to make the best of your weekend getaway, make sure to also visit the following places:

  • Chicago Theater
  • Signature Room at the 95th
  • Quince at the Homestead
  • Cadillac Place

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Romantic Cruises Chicago