Dinner Cruises In Chicago

Millions of people visit Chicago every year to see the many architectural beauties that can be found downtown. Nowadays, Chicago has converted into a business and entertainment hub, where even Hollywood directors are starting to shoot movies like The Watcher with Keanu Reeves. Furthermore, there are many people that visit the city so they can try one of the wonderful dinner cruises in Chicago, where gourmet food is served and relaxing music is played. If you’re planning on giving your significant other the night of their life, you should consider booking a dinner cruise in Chicago.

Why Visit Chicago?

Without a doubt, Chicago is one of the most popular cities in the U.S., after New York City and perhaps Los Angeles. There are certainly many different things to see, from museums to theaters and dinner cruises, Chicago is certainly the hotspot in the Midwest. Celebrities enjoy visiting Chicago because of the paradise malls that can be found around the city, and the wonderful boutiques located on the Magnificent Mile. Furthermore, the most appealing characteristic of Chicago might be its food because you can find almost any imaginable cuisine within city limits. Perhaps choosing one of the many dinner cruises in Chicago will give you just a little taste of what the city has to offer, and if you decide to try different types of food, you can find restaurants that serve the following:

  • Polish
  • Greek
  • Mexican
  • Italian

Picking Out a Wonderful Dinner

As you may already know, there are different types of dinner cruises in Chicago, and it’s up to you to decide which one to choose. Certainly, the decision will mainly rely on your own preference of food, but rest assured that whichever you choose, you will be delighted with some wonderful Chicago cuisine. Furthermore, you should also keep in mind that when choosing a dinner cruise in Chicago, you should consider the type of vessel that will be taking you on the tour and on the atmosphere of the same. The main reason for this is the fact that even if the dinner is wonderful, a smokyatmosphere can sour your entire experience, especially because your clothes will smell like smoke too.

Prices of Dinner Cruises in Chicago

Besides the type of dinner that you would like to have when going on your first dinner cruise in Chicago, you should also consider the amount of money that you will be able to spend. Some of the tours offered by the different dinner cruises in Chicago may be longer than others, and this can be reflected on their price. Moreover, there are also luxurious dinner cruises in Chicago offered for those who are capable of paying more for their service. Make sure to review the information given by at least three different dinner cruises in Chicago, and study the menus that they offer on their website. Some of the most common dinner cruises in Chicago and their prices are:

  • Mystic Blue Dinner Cruise –$36 to $123 per person
  • Odyssey Dinner Cruise –$46 to $168 per person
  • Sophisticated Lady –adult prices from $108

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Dinner Cruises In Chicago