Chicago Cruises

If you happen to be in the Midwest region of the U.S., you would be happy to know that there are several Chicago cruises available. Many people desire to experience a cruise trip but are unsure about going off in the ocean, or having to leave the country. However, by visiting the Windy City you will be able to enjoy the wonderful architecture of Downtown Chicago by taking one of the many relaxing Chicago cruises. As it happens with regular ocean cruises, there are several different packages where to choose from and some cost more money than others depending on the length of the tour.

Enjoying the Beauty of Chicago

Receiving more than 40 million visitors each year, there is no doubt that Chicago has quite a lot to offer. People from all over the country and every corner of the world visit Chicago for business and for pleasure, while others have decided to move to the Windy City. In regards to the nickname, Chicago has been called the Windy City because of the breeze that usually covers downtown, which happens to be right in front of the lake. When taking one of the many wonderful Chicago cruises, you will besailing the waters of Lake Michigan and you will enjoy the beauty of the city while you enjoy a fabulous dinner. Moreover, Chicago cruises will allow you to see some of the tallest buildings of the city, such as the Willis Tower and the famous John Hancock building.

Romantic Dinner or Party Up

One of the main advantages of going on one of the Chicago cruises is the fact that you get to choose the type of tour that you would like to experience. Certainly, if you’re visiting the city with a larger group of friends, you may be better off choosing the Chicago cruise that will throw anentertaining party on the water; but if you’re on your honeymoon or looking to spend some quality time with your significant other, then you will definitely enjoy a beautiful romantic dinner. The Chicago cruises that offer parties usually include the drinks and the appetizers that will be enjoyed during the tour, and you can also obtain considerable discounts when booking the tour for a very large group. Moreover, if you’re looking to book a romantic dinner, you can choose one of the wonderful Moonlight Dinners.

Choosing a Chicago Cruise Line

Choosing one of the several Chicago cruises doesn’t have to be a hassle, since they all offer different packages. Keep in mind that whichever tour you choose, you will always enjoy the wonderful Chicago Downtown view from the comfort of your seat. While the tours may be somewhat similar, keep in mind that every Chicago cruise has its own policy and price. Furthermore, some of the most popular Chicago cruises are the following:

  • Odyssey Cruises
  • Cruise of Chicago
  • Spirit of Chicago
  • Shoreline Sightseeing
  • Chicago Line
  • Mystic Blue Cruises
  • Cruise Chicago
  • Kanan Cruises
  • Cruise Holidays Chicago
  • Sea Dog Cruises
  • Chicago Yacht Parties and Events
  • Entertainment Cruises, Inc.

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Chicago Cruises