Cruises In Chicago

Cruising on the waters of any lake or river has always been a fun experience, especially if you’re planning on spending quality time with your significant other. The truth is that the majority of people think of a Caribbean cruise as their first choice, but there are other remarkable options, such as the cruises in Chicago. The Windy City – as Chicago has been widely known –is the third most populous city in the entire United States, and its downtown area along with Navy Pear and Lake Shore Drive happen to be the most popular spots in the Midwest. Certainly, Lake Shore Drive runs along the coast of Lake Michigan, where you will be able to enjoy one of the many wonderful cruises in Chicago.

Having Fun in Chicago

Chicago has been around since the early 1800s and it definitely has gone through a lot, such as the well-known Great Chicago Fire in 1871. Nevertheless, the city continued to grow tremendously, becoming an important hub for transportation and even politics. Consequently, there is no doubt that today this city has a lot more to offer and that is the reason why millions of visitors stop by the city every year. There are many things to see in the Windy City besides the many cruises in Chicago that are currently available; when stopping by the city, make sure to visit the following landmarks:

  • The Willis Tower (previously the Sears Tower)
  • The Shedd Aquarium
  • The Art Institute
  • The Field Museum
  • The Chicago Theater
  • Buckingham Fountain
  • Wicker Park District
  • Wrigley Field
  • Chicago Board of Trade Building

Gazing at the Architectural Beauty

Chicago without a doubt is a concrete jungle with buildings that reflect different types of architectural styles. Despite the fact that all the buildings collapsed after the Great Chicago Fire, you can still see and visit the Water Tower, which happens to be the only building that didn’t burn completely. Furthermore, the buildings in Downtown Chicago happen to be quite popular because of their originality, such as the wonderful Willis Tower that resembles a pack of cigarettes. When you decide to book a trip on one of the many cruises in Chicago, you will be able to gaze at the architectural beauty from the water, since downtown faces the lake directly. There are many different types of cruises in Chicago but they all offer the wonderful view of the concrete jungle.

Choosing a Cruise in Chicago

There are many different cruises in Chicago and your decision of choosing one might rely on different factors. While the majority of the cruises are similar, they tend to vary in price due to the length of the trip and the meals to be served. Moreover, you may also want to consider bringing your children along since the packages offered by the cruises in Chicago are very educational. On the other hand, if you are looking for a romantic trip that will give you the perfect moment to finally propose to your girlfriend, the cruises in Chicago will surely provide the perfect atmosphere for you to do so

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Cruises In Chicago