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A lot of people who live outside the Unites States tend to think about NYC or LA when they talk about the United States. The truth is that there are other wonderful cities that have a lot to offer, such is the case of Chicago. Even Sinatra sang his version of Chicago (That Toddlin’ Town) to honor the Windy City, and the song was surely made very popular in the late fifties. In addition to the numerous songs that have been written for the city, there are many other ways to enjoy the Chi-Town, such as the exciting Mystic Cruises Chicago that tour the lake.

Choosing Chicago as Your Next Destination

If you’re looking to take a nice vacation with your family or friends, you may want to consider Chicago in your list. Chicago has definitely a lot to offer and there is never enough time to be able to see everything within city limits. However, in order to make the most out of your vacation, you should consider booking one of the popular Mystic Cruises Chicago that will take you cruising on the cold waters of Lake Michigan. There is a variety of tours offered by Mystic Cruises Chicago, which will make it easier for you to find the one that best suits your needs. Moreover, besides touring on one of the Mystic Cruises Chicago, you will also enjoy walking in the downtown area where you will see restaurants that offer all different types of cuisine.

Booking a Package for 20 or more

Mystic Cruises Chicagohas been known as the best entertainment cruise company of Chicago, which offers a variety of drinks and appetizers to their guests on board. The truth is that many companies have chosen Mystic Cruises Chicago for their yearly events, where they bring all of their staff or employees to a party on Lake Michigan. This means that if you’re looking to do the same with a company group or perhaps you’re looking to celebrate your birthday in Chicago, Mystic Cruises Chicago makes it easier for you to book a tour for 20 people or more. Some of the best amenities offered by Mystic Cruises Chicago are:

  • Majestic view of the city skyline
  • Variety of beverages (from beer to wine and soda)
  • Appropriate decorations
  • Disc Jockey and music
  • Varied menu

Watching Fireworks at Navy Pier

In addition to regular tours and vacation packages, Mystic Cruises Chicago also offers a wonderful End of the Year package. Without a doubt, many people like to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their closest friends and family, and what better location than a luxurious cruise on Lake Michigan! Furthermore, Mystic Cruises Chicago gives you a discount if you purchase your tickets early, which you can do in the comfort of your home by accessing Mystic Blue Cruises website. The price per adult for the New Year’s Eve package is $147.90 and all passengers must be 21 years or older because alcoholic beverages are served. Mystic Cruises Chicago will give you the time of your life with fun music and beautiful fireworks that will go off when the clock strikes 12:00AM.

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Mystic Cruises Chicago