Navy Pier Cruises Chicago

If you have ever been to Chicago, you certainly have seen the downtown area, which happens to sit in front of the majestic Lake Michigan. When you drive down Lake Shore Drive, you will see the well-known Navy Pier, as well as the buildings in the downtown area. The contrast created by the sophisticated architectural beauties with the majestic lake, make Chicago a must-go destination. Moreover, there are plenty of spots to visit such as Millennium Park and the Willis Tower, but one of the most gratifying experiences is going on a tour offered by Navy Pier cruises Chicago.

History of Navy Pier

Navy Pier cruises Chicago sail off from the actual pier and they tour the waters of the lake, as well as the Chicago River. Not all of the cruises follow the same route because some of them cruise on the waters longer than others, resulting in different prices for the tours. Furthermore, Navy Pier is a well-known Chicago landmark because it was built 95 years ago with a cost of about $4.5 million, which today would equal the amount of almost $91 million. Navy Pier was built in two years and it harbored soldiers during the First World War; during WWII the area was leased to the Navy for marine purposes. Later on, before there were any types of Navy Pier cruises Chicago, the pier was used as part of the University of Illinois where soldiers that fought in the war were educated upon their return.

Dinner Cruises on Navy Pier

Many years have gone by since Navy Pier was used for different purposes, but today, its main purpose is to offer attractions for the tourists. Certainly, Navy Pier happens to be Chicago’s number one attraction, especially because you can find:

  • Numerous restaurants
  • Shops
  • Navy Pier Cruises Chicago
  • Water Taxi Service
  • Ferris wheel
  • Seasonal festivals
  • Air shows
  • Fireworks shows
  • Museum exhibits
  • Carnivals and expositions

Navy Pier is quite busy during the entire year, but during the summer is when more tourists tend to flock the area. Navy Pier cruises Chicago are offered all year round, but in the cold months there might fewer tours due to the decrease in the number ofvisitors.

Prices of Navy Pier Cruises

Navy Pier cruises Chicago are very popular especially because of the notoriety of the pier, as well as the lake. Every person that visits Chicago will be told that they should see the pier and the downtown area, particularly because you can walk the distance in just a few minutes. Certainly, there are numerous Navy Pier cruises Chicago that are offered at different prices, and it will be up to you to choose the one that best fits your needs. Furthermore, a lot of them offer ticket sales on their websites, which makes it a lot easier for you because you will avoid making lines once you’re at the pier. The prices of the Navy Pier cruises Chicago vary but the majority of them range between $26.15 to $105.40 per person, depending on the length of the tour and the meals served (if any).

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Navy Pier Cruises Chicago