Chicago Yacht Cruises

Perhaps when you hear about people having parties on their yachts, you think about celebrities and millionaires. Nevertheless, yachts are no longer available just for wealthy people thanks to the numerous agencies that offer boats and yachts for rental, such as Chicago Yacht Cruises, which you can sail on Lake Michigan or the Chicago River. If you are looking to celebrate your birthday or any special event, you may want to consider the different Chicago Yacht Cruises that are available for the day. In addition, you can also rent a Chicago Yacht Cruise to watch the sunset with your significant other as you enjoy a glass of red wine.

Partying Chicago Style

Even though Chicago Yacht Cruises can be rented for romantic dinners or small corporate events, you can also rent them to host large parties. If you really want to party Chicago style, it’s important that you start shopping around before you book your reservation, this way you will be sure that you’re making an informed decision. Moreover, you can find inspiration in regards to decoration at the local Chicago Theater, which has been widely known since the 1920s. At the time of reservation, you will have to determine the number of guests in your list and the menu to be served (if any). If all the guests are over 21 years old, then you can also arrange alcoholic drinks to be served at the Chicago Yacht Cruise of your choice. 

Luxury Yachts

In addition to the regular Chicago Yacht Cruises, you can also rent luxury yachts, which offer a higher level of quality. Certainly, these happen to be a little bit more expensive than the regular yachts, but they are truly worth the extra money. Furthermore, given the increase in the number of clients who are seeking to rent luxurious Chicago Yacht Cruises, the prices have managed to turn more affordable. Luxury yachts are perfect for important events such as those related to your company, or to celebrate your birthday or even the retirement from your job. The main reason why people choose luxury Chicago Yacht Cruises is the fact that they offer extreme comfort and wonderful seats on the deck; in addition, you will receive first-class treatment by the yacht’s well-trained staff.

Additional Facts About Chicago Yacht Cruises

Without a doubt, before you decide to sign a binding contract with a specific Chicago Yacht Cruise Company, you want to be sure that you are choosing the right one for you. There a few things to consider before you choose a yacht line, such as your total budget and the number of guests on your party list. Even though every company that offers Chicago Yacht Cruises is different and might have specific guidelines, there are a few general facts that you may want to keep in mind when booking your reservation, such as:

  • Catering and drinks are provided (additional charge)
  • Deposit needed to secure date
  • Yachts have a limited capacity
  • Cancellation penalties may apply
  • Chicago Yacht Cruises usually have predetermined routes
  • Rates are usually charged per hour

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Chicago Yacht Cruises