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Living in a fast paced environment makes it hard for you to stop and admire the beauty of a sunset. Certainly, there are many people that work too hard and never take time off to relax, perhaps go on a nice vacation at one of the exciting Lake Michigan Cruises Chicago. The Windy City has a lot to offer with its numerous shops and restaurants found in downtown, and with Lake Michigan sitting right across the buildings. Millions of visitors stop by the city each year and a large percentage of them go on the exciting adventure offered by Lake Michigan Cruises Chicago.

Geography of the Lake

As you may already know, Lake Michigan is part of the group of lakes known as the Great Lakes, which borders with the northern neighbor of Canada. When taking a look at the size of the lake on a map, you will notice that it happens to border with various states, and according to the Census Board, there are over 12 million people living on the shores. Besides the differentLake Michigancruises Chicago that are available, there are many people that have purchased their own small boats, which they use to cruise on the cold water. Chicago might be one of the best spots to see the lake mostly because of the contrast there is between the buildings and nature. Furthermore, the following cities are all on the shores of Lake Michigan:

  • Lake Forest, IL
  • Winnetka, IL
  • Glencoe,  IL
  • Algoma, WI
  • Racine, WI
  • Two Rivers,  WI
  • Harbor Springs, MI
  • New Buffalo, MI
  • Michigan City, IN

Why Lake Michigan?

When thinking of booking a tour on a cruise ship, many people decide to make a reservation with one of the many ocean cruises that are offered in the Caribbean. Without a doubt, ocean cruises are quite popular but more people are starting to realize that you don’t need to be in the open ocean to go on a cruise. Lake Michigan cruises Chicago have been operating for some years now, and the number of tourists seems to be on the rise. The advantage of going on one of the Lake Michigan Cruises Chicago is the fact that they offer a variety of tours, and the prices also range to fit your budget. In addition, keep in mind that Lake Michigan is a body of fresh water, which the ocean in turn is a body of salt water.

Lake Cruises Offered in Chicago

When it comes time to book your Lake Michigan Cruises Chicago, you will have to determine how many travelers are going with you and what your budget is. The main reason for this is the fact that there are numerous Lake Michigan cruises Chicago available, and they all range in capacity and price. Moreover, you will have to consider if you’re traveling with young children or with senior citizens, since there are a few cruises that may have special accommodations for them. Some of the most popular Lake Michigan cruises Chicago are:

  • Chicago Line Lake Michigan Cruises
  • Odyssey Cruises
  • Mystic Blue
  • Great Lakes Cruising

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Lake Michigan Cruises Chicago